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Puppies For Sale Possible/Probable SCAMS To Watch Out For

As soon as money is involved, you can be sure the worst of human nature will present itself. Below are examples of suspected puppy scams and bad experiences that I have been made aware of. I cannot verify these are actual scams, only that the person I have been in contact with suspects as much. Legal issues aside, I would stay well away from any advert structured as listed below and on the other pages listed.

Should you have had a bad experience with a breeder, been scammed or know of underhanded practices involving puppies, in particular Great Danes, please contact me and I will enter the information on this page so we can all watch out for them.

Many of the scams follow a similar pattern.

1) Less than perfect English
2) A really remote address (this is to put you off viewing the puppy). Ask to actually see/visit the puppy before any money changes hands, you can be sure they have 100 reasons for you not to come. Tell them you are actually in the area now and see what happens.
3) Asking for money upfront in conjunction with sending the puppy by courier.
4) Only contactable by email or mobile number

Dealing With A Puppy Scam
The absolute best way to make sure you are not being conned is to actually have the puppy in one hand as you pass the money over with the other, or something similar.
Should you insist on having a puppy delivered, which is a REALLY BAD IDEA then the following ideas may reduce the risk a little.
1) Ask for a picture of the puppy with a recent newspaper showing in it.
2) Ask to Skype with them and actually see real time live video of the puppy and get them to show their face in it too.
3) Get them to send pictures of the puppy also showing the sellers face (this could be faked) but you could ask them to send one of them actually doing something you request e.g. hold the puppy at should level, stroking the puppy belly. The more of these you ask for, the harder it will be to fake.
4) Ask to listen to the puppy over the phone if no PC.
Emailed in 3rd January 2012 by Emma.
Hi, I am currently lookin for a boxer pup and when I found one for the cheap price of £250 i emailed the seller, the add said 'cumbria' but the email I got back explaind they were in kirkwall due to hiss mum passing away. I asked for pics of the 'female' pup and I got bk a pic of a male, when I asked what courier service they would use they said 'pet airways' which is american and does not stop in uk!!!! The email address is glenupper@hotmail.co.uk be aware

Emailed 19th December 2011 by Susana
My husband and I were looking for an English Bulldog and after coming back from pet land and find it for $3,500 we went online and found 1 for $200... Emailed the person and I almost believed how his wife had died! Something was really bothering me so I got online and looked everywhere... Facebook, google, email address... Took me almost 2 hours to find this page and realize this was a scam. Decided to play along with it and replied with the things you guys suggest here and scammer replied with the exact same sample email and answered NONE of our questions! I would be happy to fwd you that email so you can alert other people... Let me know what to do to help. Thank you scammers email is yva44@hotmail.com

Emailed in 15th November 2011 by Danielle H.
We was looking for a pug dog or a box dog and had this response....after my suspicions got the better of me I googled searched and found this to be a complete scam..who would pay upfront for a puppy they had not seen???  This is the email I had from a Sarah Carrino: 
Hello, We are very happy to read from you so soon,And i have just attached the recent pictures of the Male Pug puppy call Lenny you will be receiving at your resident and we are sure you are going to loves and spoil him with love ,cuddle , attention and provide him with all his needs . We need Him to go into a lovely and caring and a forever home.firstly let me tell you about Him .He is called Lenny . He is veterinary checked and vaccinated and have all health records till date and all papers . So we are giving him to a good home and for ever home .He is very sensitive and possesses the following qualities:
 Lenny Information
 -He is house Trained and Potty.
 -H e does not bark a lot.
 -He eats 2 times daily ..
 -He is socialized with kids and other house hold pets
 -He loves to be carried a lot and be spoiled.
 -He loves to be kissed .
 -He gets angry when you shout at him, so please do not do that ok.
 -He is 11 Weeks Three Days old
 -He barks when he sees strangers.
 So Lenny have been vaccinated and are registered with all the pet registrations and will come to you with all this documents and papers and also his playing toys and food stuff from me. following documents ,
 *Pet Passport and a License U KC / KC Registration Documents.
 *Age Level Training.
 * Puppy Contract/Guarantee.
 *Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.
 *Micro-Chipped (In case ever lost or stolen).
 *Current on all vaccinations.
 *De wormed.
 *Puppy Packet ( Vaccination schedule and history, Crate Training
 *Travel Crates. , de-wormed and microchip
 Since we have made up our mine to let the baby into to your home Can you promise us that the Puppy will be well look after and you guys will keep us up dated with monthly pictures so we can know how the Puppy is doing over there with you .Since you are not so close to us , we shall use the Pet Delivery Carrier and they will get the Puppy delivered at your home address that you will provide to us . Also we shall require all your details to do the change of ownership papers and the details is as follows
 Names in Full ......
 House address..........
 City ............. .....
 Post code......................
 House number..............
 Mobile number.....................
 E-mail address.................
 As soon as we have the details , we shall prepare the change of ownership papers before we do the delivery registration with the Carrier . Do get back to us with the details so we can prepare the change of ownership papers and do the delivery registration with the Courier. Thanks and we shall be waiting to read from you soon.you will have to pay just £300 including everything and it will be done directly to the Courier company upfront .and also send all the relevant papers work via the Courier service.so you will paying directly to them and not to me because my main objective is for this puppy to have a lovey family ,so the £300 is for the transportation and home delivery of the puppy to your doorstep OK.You will be making and upfront payments directly to the delivery agency, The director of the agency will let you know on how to make the payment upfront over to them,First of all i need you to have a trust and confidence in me because if i did not have a trust and confidence in you i will not send my puppy over to you. I give you my words and assure you 100% that all the arrangement will be done smoothly. I am from christian family which means i can let you down. You do not need to worried your self about anything because all will be fine.Please do email me the delivery details and the exact date you will like me to send the puppy down to your resident ,I will be sending the puppy from KIRK WALL and he will be home delivered directly to the address you are going to provide over to me now me , here is my house address for a prove in-case of anything and for a security reasons :Our names: Mr and Miss Sarah Carrino ,house address:Carness Road, St Ola, Kirkwall, Orkney Islands KW15 1UE,I hope you will take a very good care of the puppy like your own son please.
Best Regard and Awaiting to Read From Your Details .

Emailed in 10th November 2011 by Keiley (Unconfirmed possible scam)

hi, iv been looking to buy a Maltese pup well 2 of them for my twin girls. i found them on pets4homes and i rang a 4470 number and it sounded like they were foreign! Did not speak just said to email. They told me they could deliver tomorrow yet i havnt seen these puppies. They said they were in Kirkwall Scotland and that his ' lovely late wife' had just died! i said i would come to collect these pups myself after viewing them. They told me the pups were to be delivered to me via a courier and to pay just 140.....after i started asking questions he said all i had to pay was 80 as he had paid 60 towards the courier!! i knew then that this was a scam! he had explained on email that he wanted to sell dogs cheap as his wife had died and she was their main carer! Its disgusting!! i emailed back telling them i would come and collect i have a car and i will drive to them and to send me address of where to come to.....do u think i got an email back other than ......Do you know how old i am.....i cant take this....i donít want such games....HOW DARE THEY!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO CATCH UP WITH THEM FAST BEFORE THEY STEAL FROM MORE PEOPLE.....lucky for me im not that stupid to buy before i see....others maybe are not so quick on the ball to realise until after money has gone!

I was gave a name david....then jeffery cole.....the email address was davidluise@hotmail.com........ iv also had another one who has not replied also saying they are from kirkwall.... genevaclausiva@hotmail.com !! they are all linked.....they are completely braindead as they are all from the same area....KIRKWALL!! Just about clever enough to use a different road! 
good luck and many, many thanks! 
Another on the 15th November by Maria T.
Hello dear,
Thanks for the mail of interest as concern of my puppies, Yes, I have  a male and female still available and need a new and lovely home. They are all 12 weeks old and vet checked and vaccinated, home and toilet trained and will be coming along with all their necessary papers and 1year health guarantee and others like, eating  boll, pet blanket, play toy and food menu, they go along with other home pets and love the company of kids mostly, very friendly and  socialize, they are very healthy, smart and playful.
We are looking for families (an individual is a family of one though)  who can commit to a forever home for the dogs, and seem to us to have the right stuff to love our puppies. We claim the right to deny any prospective person our puppies and will always choose the home we feel is best for the puppies. Please do let me know the following:
Do you need the male or the female?
 -Where are you located?
 -Are you married?
 -Do you have kids?
 -Do they love puppies?
 -Will you be taking both?
 -Are you a breeder?
 -Do you intend breeding them?
 -Do you have space in your apartment for the dog to play around?
 -Do you need the male or the female?
 -The mane of the breed you need?
 sorry for too many questions just that I will really like to know the  kind of home my babies will be going to ok, Immediately i get all that requested, I shall then determine the family to give my puppies to. Your case will be treated immediately you respond positively and promptly. We will allow just a day for that and will let you know by the end of the day if you will be the one to take home the puppies. Hope you do get back asap and exercise some patience while we decide on who to be these puppies next parents. and also sent you some photos of the puppies.
then followed by this:
Hello thanks for your quick response, Since I have made up our mind to let the baby into to your home Can you promise me that the puppy will be well look after and you guys will keep me update with monthly pictures so I can know how the puppy is doing with you. We have just moved into Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and will be very happy if you can come for the view but if you guys are not so close to me the I shall arrange for a Pet courier service and they will get the puppy delivered at your home address that you will provide to me, i love the service of a delivery company because they are so fast .After the registration i will provide you the puppy's registration number ok.The litter of these puppies were six but i have succeeded in given four of them for adoption and among those four three of them were delivered to their new destinations by this courier service so kindly send the delivery details as soon as possible ok.Also i shall require all your details to do the change of ownership papers and the details are as follow.
 Full names........
 House address.........
 Zip code.....................
 Home number...................
 Mobile number...................
 E-mail address..................
 Your Nearest Airport...........................
 Are you a christian....................
As soon as i have the details , i shall prepare the change of ownership papers before taking the puppy to the courier company for registration and your home delivery . Do get back to me with the details so i can prepare the change of ownership papers and do the delivery registration with the Carrier service first thing tomorrow morning.. Thanks and i shall be waiting to read from you soon..you will have to pay just 200 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS for one so i will be waiting to read from asap
and again this (all in the same night):
 ok so since we are both far from each other we can arrange for shipping that wil bee more economical ok so .Also i shall require all your details to do the change of ownership papers and the details are as follow.
 Full names........
 House address.........
 Zip code.....................
 Home number...................
 Mobile number...................
 E-mail address..................
 Your Nearest Airport...........................
 Are you a christian....................
As soon as i have the details i shall change the ownership papers and the puppy wil be delivered to your home first thing in the morning..........
 PLEASE WARN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emailed in 15th September 2011 by Laura(unconfirmed scam but follows all the usual tricks)
A couple who claim to live at 41a Junction Road, Kirkwall, Orkney Islands  KW15 1LB email:philipowest@yahoo.co.uk have advertised boxer puppies on sale for £270 with a delivery fee of £30. Little too good to be true as the average prive of a boxer I'm sure you know is £500+.
They said they would ask for the money when the courier(that they had arranged a discounted price with) phoned me to confirm they had the puppy in their care. When I received the courier details-I googled them and the company didn't exsist.
All of the emails were in broken english-claiming to be a french couple who had recently moved to the isles.
None of this sat right so I started googling scams which is where the almost identical emails where on display on your website.

Found on a website (August 2011) called www.dogsandpuppies.co.uk.
Administrators/owners closed the account once alerted. Even the best websites suffer scams so don't hold it against the website themselves.   
Editors note....Look at the poor use of English in the reply. The use of Hello Dear is used in many scams and their location is usually remote to try and put you off visiting.
"Hello Dear
         Thanks for emailing in regards to our puppies,our family takes great care to make sure all our puppies are very socialized and come with all up to date shots and also seen by our Vet before going to their new homes.the puppies are 11 weeks old, kc registered,vet checked, good temperament with kids and other pets.we exercise regularly and take the puppies always for a walk! .all our puppies are raised in the same home and environment. We are located in ( Kirk-Wall,Scotland) with the puppies, we are giving the puppies away for £220 including delivery to your home .we have two puppies available and their names are Cassy / Lizzy. i will email you some pictures when you get back to me with the sex you are interested on :
-She is home and potty trained.
-She does not bark a lot.
-She Is friendly with kids and other pets.
-She get angry when you shout at her.
-He is home and potty trained
-He barks more than Lizzy but not to much.
-He is also a friend to kids and other pets.
-He barks when he sees strangers.

I Have some few questions ?
Are you married?
Are you familiar with this kind of breed?
Were are you located ?
What is your phone number ?
do you have a good environment for the puppies ?
are you interested in the male or female ?
Which Breed of Puppies are you interested in?
Sorry for all the questions but i need to know
the kind of home and environment this puppies will be going to.

Regards "
Free Puppy, just pay for delivery (April 10), Found on a website called Oodle.
Editors note....The story below has not been confirmed as a SCAM but it follows the exact same procedure as ones that are known SCAMS.
Hiya,Copy my E-mail address  from the subject of this mail to contact me directly for pictures of the puppies
Thanks for the mail and interest in my puppies for I have 3 Puppies left,1male and 2Females.My Puppies will come a written health guarantee,crate trained and we even begin Paper Training prior to leaving for their new home.They are vet checked with health records that will be issued by our vet,My Puppies are  current on all shots and worming.They loves to cuddle and get into things especially when its indoors.They are  11 weeks old and very affectionate and do weigh 3 pounds and 5 pounds at full growth.Also They have very good temperament,also can do fine without a yard.Our greatest wish is that These Puppies should be taken good care of and be showered with love and attention.They are lovely with kids and other house hold pets and will love to make any new home spoil rotten.Do you have kids at home?,have you other house hold pets and where are you located?,sorry for the many questions just curious.They will come with 2months  health guarantee,a crate,all playing toys and a Puppy package to start with(Puppy food).

As you have already seen in the ad, i am giving each Puppy out for free adoption so all you will pay is the £250 for the delivery charge and all papers changes only since they were owned and taken care of by my late wife whom i lost to a drunk driver a couple of weeks ago. As a result, i have relocated to Kirkwall,Scotland due to the mobile nature of my job and right now i can't take proper care of them which was a sole responsibility of my late wife. It really do remind me of her sad memories all the time i look at them and it hurts deeply. So, my greatest desire is to find someone who can properly take care of them and if you can, i can arrange for delivery if you cannot come right up here for the pick. If this is ok by you, i will immediately need the following details in order to drop off the Puppies as soon as possible at the delivery agency so that delivery can  be done to your home soonest.
   full names
   Home address
   House number
   Mobile number

Be reminded that these Puppies are for free adoption so all you will pay is £250 for each puppy's delivery charge and papers changes so all you will have to do is to pay only the £250  for the  delivery of each Puppy which including all it's papers to be changed,to the delivery agency which will deliver the Puppies to your home.My prayer is that you love and care for these Puppies just as my wife did and i will be always greatful to you if you should.Do let me know if all is fine .you can contact me at 070*5*8*150 (*removed for privacy issue)
Best Regards

Here is my address for if you will like to come and collect them yourself.Get back to me so I can send you pictures of the Puppies.

Mr Cal J****
Puppy for £200 plus delivery on Preloved.co.uk (April 10)
After loosing my 9month old fawn Dane max to a tragic accident i was looking to buy another, i was looking on all the sites on the web and unfortunately cant afford the going rate of £600+ so was delighted to see some adverts on oodle and Preloved selling puppies for £200 and even some that were for free adoption not far from me.
After replying to some of these ads i started to recieve some emails back, the first one seemed to ask all the right questions ie have you got experience of the breed, have you got time in your life for a new puppy etc etc, then it went into how the puppies belonged to the guys mum who had just passed away and he was just looking to re home them because he didnt have the time to look after them, i was actually starting to fall for the story till he mentioned that he was in the isle of man and he would have the puppy delivered by courier, i emailed him back saying that i didnt want to buy a puppy that i hadnt met first or seen he parents let alone have a little puppy boxed up and delivered to me.
He replyed by saying he would meet me with the puppy which i also declined due to my growing suspicions. after that the contact stopped. I was then shocked to get replys to the other enquiries most of which had the same sad stories like the wife had a heart problem and they had relocated to the isle of man, and another one said that the guy had lost his daughter in a car accident with a drunk driver and he had relocated to belfast as he worked for he chamber of commerce there.
After recieving maybe about a dozen replys all of the same nature i realised that a lot of he emails came from tne same email adress..!! I cant believe that some people could be so sick and heartless to come up with such scams and im letting you know so that we can try and stop these evil people from scamming anyone else. thanks for listening to my rant, take care. Lesley.
Puppy for £300 plus delivery on pets4homes (Aug 09) 
After replying to an advert on pets4homes for a Harlequin Great Dane based in Lincoln with a black sock on her rear left leg an email was returned with a mobile phone number to reply to. Nicola Adams on 07031 854950 was the seller. Apparently the reason for the sale was a house move to Denmark. During the course of the conversation Nicola was asked where he was and he replied Pembrokeshire. When asked exactly where as the buyer knew the area, he mumbled a location and became vague. Eventually an address in Haverford west in Wales was offered which just so happens to be one of the remotest places in the area to get to.
Buyer and seller agree to meet half way in Cardiff to exchange money and puppy but the seller calls to cancel. The seller offers the services of IPG Pet Delivery to deliver the puppy. These can be contacted on 07055 193259 (info line) or 0800 6512351 (office line). A prepared but very untidy email confirming the buyers details is sent with a request for £300 to be paid upfront with bank details in West Africa! The buyer refuses to pay until delivery and they then offer a compromise of £150 now and the rest on delivery. The buyer refuses and then nothing else is heard.
The ad is on pets 4 home , "fawn great dane £300 in beverly".  He sent me pics and I called him and he told me that he was moving but that he lived in Swansea. When I told him that he said he lived in Beverly he told me that he had put it on for all of uk soooooo , he said he would come and bring her because he was moving ( I know £300 is too cheap and really at the back of my mind alarm bells where ringing but he seemed geniune). Any way the morning he was bringing her he emailed me to say he was sending her by courier and that she will come with a brown envolope with his details in to send him payment then .............. I got an email from IPG Pet Delivery !!!??!! saying pay £100 by money gram and they would get on there way ! I tried to look them up on line but couldnt find them ( the money gram was to be sent to switzerland) so i called them the guy on the end of the phone didnt answer in  any manner other than hello !!! and said they had the dog and I needed to pay them now ! I asked him for a post code of his office  and a landline and web address , he said that I would get these once I paid !! but then sent a land line number to me , I called it but it was invalid (surprise surprise) so I called the guy who owned the puppy and said I would collect her in person as i wasnt going to send any money or he could contact the delivery team and pay them at his end (as he said they were genuine ) and I would put the money into his account.  He said ok he would go and get her back ,but then I got an email saying am I going to get her before he takes her !!!! very confusing i know BUT after saying I was going to get her I have no other contact !!!!! and all the men I spoke to sounded Asian (not that that makes any difference ) soooooooo my whole family where waiting for a puppy that I believe isnt there !!! and were gutted :( I did inform pets4homes . IF HE HAD 10 PEOPLE RESPONED AND PAY £100 IN A GIVEN WEEK IMAGINE !!

any way sorry for the waffling :(
p.s i have kept all emails from them, and all contact from him and delivery teams where moblie only

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